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the go-to rate. Statement billing cycle The amount of time between your last statement date and your current statement date. Credit card Typically a plastic card issued by a bank or other financial company for the purpose of purchasing goods and services using credit. Stop payment A request that coupons the bank not pay a check or payment you have written or authorized. The information generally includes your name, address, employer, length of employment, account types, account balances, payment history, collection information, public records and inquiries. Back to top D Daily periodic rate (DPR) The annual percentage rate (APR) expressed as a daily rate. The ShopSafe service will generate a temporary credit card number that links directly to your real credit card account number. Custodial account An account created for the benefit of a minor (a person under the age of 18) with an adult as the account's custodian. Interest rate The price you pay for borrowing money with your credit card on transactions such as purchases and cash advances. Foreign transactions include, for example, online transactions made in the.S. View your account agreement for additional information. Unusual activity Transactions that are outside of normal customer spending and could indicate fraud. Cash credit line The portion of your credit card account's total credit line that can be used for bank cash advances. Standard APR The standard APR (annual percentage rate) comes into effect after the introductory period expires. Automated teller machine (ATM). Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges that may apply. The chip is placed on the left-hand side of the card. Your payment due date occurs at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. Preferred Rewards Bank of America Preferred Rewards offers real benefits and rewards on your everyday banking. A customer may qualify for unsecured credit based on their credit history and financial strength. Sign in to Online Banking to change your paperless settings Payment allocation The method used by your credit card issuer to assign all or part of your payments. Check cash advance A cash loan you take from your credit card account's available line of credit, using an access check provided by your credit card issuer. Learn more about Preferred Rewards Processing transaction Any deposits, transfers, purchases or withdrawals that have been added to or deducted from your available balance but have not yet cleared. Some credit cards may have multiple interest rates, for example: You may have a low introductory rate when you open an account, followed by a higher standard rate for purchases, which could then become an even higher penalty rate if you fail to pay your. Alerts help you stay on top of your account information, monitor your account activity and ensure your security. Examples of cash equivalents may include casino gaming chips, foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers and travelers checks from a non-financial institution. Soft inquiries as a rule come from evaluations that don't result in the granting of credit, such as part of a background check. Billing cycle The period of time (usually one month) between credit card account statements. Returned payment fee A fee that is assessed if a payment on the account is returned for insufficient funds or any other reason.

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But your credit history goes back as far as your credit has been established. Back to top O Online Banking A service that allows an account holder to obtain account information and manage certain banking transactions via casino personal computer or mobile device. Over limit fee A fee that is charged when an account balance exceeds the credit line available at any time during a billing cycle. D That figure is then multiplied by the number of days in the billing cycle. Back to top R Rate See Interest rate. Divide the APR by 365, the balance as of your last statement does not reflect any disputes you may have submitted since your previous statement. Your credit score can change if your credit history changes.

Hotel amenities include entersol, lobby atrium, elevators, 24-hour reception, safety deposit boxes (at reception the casino.Economy Double Room with Park View (.Documents used in a savings account transaction include deposit slips, withdrawal slips, new account application slips and debit or credit slips which can be applied against the account by the given banking institution.

Monthly charges will state appear on your statement. A cash advance is often subject to its own annual percentage rate APR. Find a financial center Foreign transaction Any transaction 1 made in a foreign currency. Transaction fee A fee that may be charged when making certain types of transactions with your credit card. Or 2 made, they can also check the balance and available credit on the account.

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Back to top M Minimum daily balance The lowest endofday balance in an account during a statement cycle. Dollars if the transaction is made or processed outside of the United States. Including the related interest charges, returned payment Any payment that is returned unpaid for any reason.


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