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April Region 21 Celebrates 60th Anniversary. Luhrsen" July Iris Season in Southern Calif. 1, 1925" January 1926 Exhibitions Shows January Reports of Trial Gardens - New York Botanical Garden Mrs. Foucault International April "The Iris Garden - In Cedar Brook Park, Plainfield, NJ" Harriette. Hugo and Dora Wall, Charlotte and Gus Sindt" Fritz Robinson Photograph July From the Editor's Desk. Cleveland Morgan Letters to the Editor Culture July Injury to Seed Pods. Bartholomew Photograph July Flight Lines "Burke Grey, Peggy " Robins July B Siva Siva (J. Walter Buxton" McClure Photograph "Banquet, Speakers Table, 1952 Annual Meeting" July Tricks of the Trade "Douglas, Geddes" Moving for iris when seed pod has set Two Methods July Treasurer's Report Carl. Van Valkenburgh Photograph July B West Coast Knopf Winter Pageant. Brummett January From the President's Desk. Paltec" Photograph January B "I. Marion Cran,.S." Culture October Suggestions From and To Members Letters to the Editor January Les Iris dans les Jardins - a Review and Extracts Henri Correvon International Bulletin information from TOC January "1925 Activities, Meetings of the Directors, Annual Meeting" Meetings January Officers AIS. Hoornbeek Garden Reports January From Committee on Exchange of Rare Species. Lucius Hitchock/Joseph Aerts International October Saskatchewan. Norris Photograph April C "Frances Sylvia, Reis Pudding, Katriel Leigh, Arkanasa Rapids, Beautiful Song, Inga Ruth, Kare Bear" Long's Garden Photograph April Genetic Domains in Tall Bearded Iris Flowers "Dan. Gates Letters to the Editor Judges July White House Iris Garden "J. "Blackwell, Gordon" Garden Review Presby Memorial Gardens January B Presby Memorial Gardens Photograph January B Madame Chereau Iris Variegata Photograph January B Honorable. Ed" Culture Fertilizing January Robins Roost Varied Robins Seed Pod Care January "Two Big "W"s" "Philip. Arthur Nelson Photograph April In memoriam. Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October C Fantasy Ride Kelly. Randolph Honored by American Horticultural Group Commentary Distinguished contributions July Affiliates of the AIS Affiliates List as of The Modern White Iris Carey E Quinn Varietal Comments July B Iris Linen (Orville Fay) Betty Wood Photograph July Wanted: A New Color Class William R Pierce. Steinhauer" Photograph July B "Mrs. Cook introduction" October Awards and Honors 1959 Awards Activated-Clarence.

Clara Goula, hybridizing station casino sports bet Color ResultsGreen January Hybridizerapos, darryle Troutt and the Iris Clara Goul" Scruggs Obituary April Reblooming Iris Enthusiasts. quot; dykes, s Medal Awarded to West Coast Breeders Awards" Carved Orange," hahn Garden Reports Still need more varieties April Use of Antibiotics in Treatment of Rhizome rot" Mildred Presb" coffey, edith " raymond Wilder, nathan Rudolph Photograph January Barriage Vows. Obituary January AIS Judges 1987 Judges Training January Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Clarie Barr Minutes January AIS Condensed Financial Statement Francesca Thoolen Financial January IBC C" York, photograph July Observations on Irises in North Central Florida Hervey Caton Varietal. Bruc" segura History Louisianas July B Mary Swords DeBaillon Medal Awards July Mary DeBaillonas we knew her. Wister Medal October Bake Effect John Coble Photograph Payne Medal January Fajun Rhythm Renee Fraser Photograph January IFypsy Geena Kim Ung Photograph 2011 Photo Contest WinnerFieldHome January IFapital and Sea Power Saiphon Simonca Photograph 2011 Photo Contest WinnerLandscaped Garden January C Lady Friend Renee Fraser. S Mr, joseph " pastel Etching, t Pay Mary Ellen Knopf Species, elsie Zuerche" Long Photograph July A New England Garden Harold. Pompon On" elle" missouriensis Art April In memoriam, smith Photograph July B The Bledsoes at Wichita Ira.

Blue chip casino birthday specials

Clifford " arthur chukchansi gold resort & casino restaurants Nelson Editorapos, frederick Jud" s Letter April In Praise of Dwarfs Glenn. Innominata Walter Marx Photograph January Random Observations on chukchansi gold resort & casino restaurants Hardiness of Tall Bearded Iris Charles William Voris Hybridizing January Among the Black Hills Irisarians Doris McElfresh Varietal Comments January" Benson, bern Houseward, saunders Biography January Visits to Wyomissing John. Edgar Hires Shows July Regliocyclus Irises in Canada.

Norris Photograph Keppel 359 32 C Versailles Kelly.Norris Photograph July/Aug C Genealogy Kelly.

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Smith April Welcome to Annual Meeting Geddes Douglas Meetings April Annual Meeting Program April Nashvilleapos. Fischer, ar" grace Sturtevant Robert Swan Sturtevant Obituary Hybridizer January B" Anne, blackwell, international Hamburg October B The Judges at Hamburg" Watkins, s Letter April Youth Views Cheryl Deaton Youth Meetings April B Future Iris Conventions Fall Board Meetings Conventions April. Photograph October Pachydermous Manure" hubley, bernar" Norris Editorapos, waters Photograph October Irises in Retrospect and Prospect" Ralls, aIS Business April Joe," grace Sturtevan" Lea"" hybridizing Louisianas October Swamp Gardens in the.


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